Let’s just say protection for your devices just got a whole lot Swaggier.


Some would say Fashion is the essence of YOU. After all, it's all about personal style. We are taught the good old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It's great advice; we cannot ever know who someone is just by looking at his or her appearance. BUT, when we choose to, we speak volumes through our fashion.


As any good Fashionista knows, you can turn any outfit into a personal statement just with accessories. A gold belt. Some purple suspenders. A pair of feather earrings. Nowadays, with over 6 billion of us carrying around cell phones we have the option to accessorize these magical little devices as well.



Each case is carefully made by hand at our world class printing facility here in the South of England using patented technology. We stand by the high quality of our cases and strive to ensure that they remain competitively priced.


Boom Case


Boom Case is a refillable practical notebook case that you can use over and over again. The front of the case comes with 2 front credit sized pockets and an inner larger pocket for items like phones or passports when on the move. The back of the case has 3 credit sized pockets and a second inner large pocket. Each case comes with a small Moleskin cahier dotted line 80 page acid free journal that can be replaced with your choice of insert. The case itself is made of patent leather with our signature quality print applied. Boom Case is our take on making a practical notebook a fashion statement. Walk down the street, into any meeting, airport lounge or lecture and get the attention you deserve.