Official phone case shops by artists, Influencers and solopreneurs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to pair the best products with the best designs, customers get to decide if a design stays permanently on the site. We only want to keep the best, we dont want customers scrolling through thousands of products.

How It works

It's pretty straightforward. You create your 30 day campaign. You then share and promote your campaign, we immediately fulfill all of your orders, you sit back and watch the money roll in.

You Create

You Share & Promote

We Print & Post

You Profit

Transparent Business Model

Quality Control

We stand by the high quality of our products. Our unique business model ensures that your case is made at a facility closest to your customers. Free shipping to UK, US and AUS. Printing and Shipping usually takes no more than 5-7 working days.

Real Time

Real-time sales data as they occur. Watch your numbers go up after each sale. Units sold are automatically updated on your product page. With our price structure you are guaranteed £5 per case sold.

Hall of fame challenge

Once your campaign is approved, we process all your orders and ship them out immediately. Each campaign last 30 days. If any design sells over 10 cases, you'll have the option of leaving it permanently in your collection and continue to raise funds. You can start a new campaign with new designs at any time. The aim is to keep only the best designs.

We do the heavy Lifting

You dont lift a finger, we manage the entire process. manufacturing, shipping, customer service. you sit and brew that cup of tea and keep dunking those biscuits knowing there's money coming in for that summer trip.

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